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Diesel In Petrol?

Diesel in petrol car Diesel in Petrol can cause untold damage to a modern petrol engine. Diesel, being a light oil will not combust effectivley in a petrol engine and can potentially cause damage to the vehicles emmission control systems.
If the unburnt diesel finds it's way past the oil rings and into the sump it will dilute your engine oil which can cause engine failure, starting to sound expensive right?

diesel in petrol engine Diesel in Petrol engines can be an expensive problem but Fuel Doctor have a cost effective solution!
If you have put diesel in a petrol car a call to the Fuel Doctor 24 hour national operations centre on 01752 395247 can provide the answer.

After obtaining a few details about your location and vehicle our experienced staff will deploy the nearest technician to quickly and safely remove the petrol in diesel mixture.

diesel in petrol Fuel Doctor technicians are experts at the safe removal of diesel in petrol cars and once they have received your location details will call you to confirm their ETA.

On arrival at your location the technician will quickly make the area safe and put an end to your diesel in petrol problem by draining and flushing the wrong fuel from your car.

Don't let putting diesel in petrol or petrol in diesel ruin your day, call the misfuel experts!

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